Kirk Centre requires signed rental agreements from all of our renters

COVID-19 UPDATE: Kirk Centre currently requires all of it's renters to sign off on special requirements and restrictions due to The City of Edmonton, Alberta Government and Kirk Centre regulations for public safety.

Welcome to Kirk United Church Centre

Guidelines for Renting this Property


Use of our building or property may be provided to outside community groups based on the following conditions:


Appropriate space is available, taking into consideration the existing commitments to other groups, both inside and outside the Church. The Church is not available on usually Saturday or Sunday mornings.


Type of use: The user’s activities are consistent with the mission statement of the church. Activities and conduct must be consistent with those reasonably expected in a church facility.


Avoiding or dealing with damage:

  • A deposit will be taken to ensure that the cost of any failure to clean up properly is covered.

  • Occasional users must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement in accordance to the United Church of Canada’s insurance policy.

  • Adequate liability insurance should be maintained for all long-term users for both building and grounds.

  • Kirk United Church Centre reserves the right to ask for references, which may include security checks.

  • Activities which are deemed to have a substantial risk of damaging the building will not be permitted.

  • Damage is to be reported to management as soon as possible, there is an emergency number for evenings and weekends.

Ongoing Building Use Applications may need to be approved by Building Management.


Long-term building use commitments must be approved by Building Management

Kirk United Church Centre Code of Conduct


We welcome you into our church building. We want to have a building that is environmentally sound, affordable, clean and pleasant for everyone using it. With these goals in mind, we ask you to adhere to the following:


What space can you use?

You are limited to using the rooms/areas identified for the times specified in the Building Use Application, and the nearest washrooms and passage to those rooms/areas. Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times.


Would you like to move any furniture?

Each room is supplied with tables and chairs that are to be set up and returned at the beginning and end of each rental period. If more permanent furniture needs to be moved into, or out of, the room/areas identified, the Kirk United Church Centre office must grant prior permission. After your event, any furniture moved must be returned to its original location.



  • We encourage all people renting to use Kirk United Church Centre’s dishes and cutlery. Please carefully clean and put away the dishes, glassware and cutlery used.

  • If disposable cups, plates and/or cutlery are used, please empty them and dispose of them in the garbage.


You are welcome to use our ovens and stove tops, but you may not use it for cooking grease items such as bacon, pork chops or any other food considered to spatter. At Kirk United Church Centre, we are proud to hold a certificate for a Non-Grease Cooking Commercial Kitchen. Please take any leftover food with you or throw it in the garbage. Please remove all garbage into the large bin out back of the building.                                                                                                      


Need audio equipment?

A portable sound system is available for use at a cost of $50.00 per event. The sanctuary sound system will be operated or trained by a qualified Kirk United Church Centre personnel at an additional cost of $50.00 per hour. Projector screens are also available.


Protect the Walls

Tape or tacks cannot be used to affix items to the walls. Sticky putty may be used instead. There are cork boards on certain walls where tacks can be used. Please note: Some of these tack boards are designated to long term renters. Please do not use these cork boards. Please use the cork board designated only you’re your group, or the Kirk United Church Centre Community cork board. Markers are to be used on the flip charts easels. Any damage to the walls from markers, crayons and/or stamps will result in damage fees.



Be sure to use dry erase markers only.



Smoking is not permitted in the building, on the grounds or the parking lot.



The use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on Kirk United Church Centre property.


Take care! Be respectful!

  • All activities carried on at a function must be consistent with those reasonably expected in a church facility.

  • All activities on the premises must be orderly and responsible.

  • Users must abide by the City of Edmonton noise bylaws. Outside doors are to remain closed to prevent noise from disturbing neighbors.

  • Users must be respectful of others renting the facility at the same time. Noise levels must be kept at a level that will not disturb other renters.

  • No confetti or other difficult to clean items are allowed inside the church or on the church grounds.

  • The applicant is responsible for the safety and security of the Kirk United Church Centre building and their guests.


While your group is gathering, you are welcome to post a temporary sign. Permanent signs, advertising an outside group’s use at Kirk United Church Centre building or property is strictly prohibited.



  • The room(s) used by the Building User must be left in a reasonably clean condition (floors swept, dishes cleaned, tables and chairs put away, soiled items cleaned and/or reported to management, garbage removed to outside bin etc.)

  • Any extraordinary clean-up resulting from the usage of the facility by the Building User will be charged to the renter at $50.00 per hour and deducted from the damage deposit or invoiced to the Building User.

  • The applicant will be responsible for paying for all damages caused by this function. If damages cost more that the damage deposit, additional charges will be invoiced and must be paid within thirty (30) days.



Please feel welcome to use our bins for recycling pop, juice and water bottles and cans located in the main hallway in front of the main office.


Do unto others!

All forms of abuse, harassment or discrimination are unacceptable. Discrimination in terms of sex, age, race, color, creed, sexual orientation or physical ability is not permitted. Any Building Users who are found to be abusive harassing or discriminating can have their contract terminated immediately.

Condition of Rental Checklist


The items below are the responsibility of all renters in Kirk United Church Center upon using and leaving the rented space. The person responsible for the booking and rental is the person in charge of ensuring this list is completed. Items not being completed on this checklist may result in an additional charge or retained from any damage deposit paid.


  • Floors to be swept, vacuumed and/or mopped as needed to ensure it is clean for the next renter & not attracting rodents.

  • All food is to be removed, stored in the fridge or put in plastic bins

  • All countertops are to be washed and cleaned of all dishes

  • Remove all garbage to outside bins

  • All tables and chairs are to be stored aside, so the room is clear for the next renters

  • All exterior doors are to be double checked that they are locked and closed when the last person leaves the building

  • Dishes are to be bleached, sanitized and returned to cupboards

  • Ensure Dish sanitizer is turned off

  • Please ensure that any accidents (spills, stains, dings, dents, damage to equipment) that may need added clean up or attention are all reported to management

  • Please ensure that the cats are in the building in appropriate zones before exiting building

  • DO NOT take it upon yourself to clean mouse dropping. Let management know asap. Using mops, brooms & vacuums on mouse urine and feces can quickly spread the Hantavirus which can be fatal. This also contaminates the mop, broom and vacuum

  • Ensure all lights are out

  • Ensure no water is running

  • Ensure all windows are closed

  • Close all required interior doors

  • All candles and other fire extinguished

  • All blinds have been returned to their original position

  • All electrical appliances are turned off or unplugged

  • All stove burners are turned off and checked




Vacuum is stored in the janitorial closet in the east corridor. Mops and buckets are kept in the east corridor. Brooms and dust pans are kept in the lower janitorial closet near the elevator (and many rooms have their own dustpan and broom). Extra garbage bags are kept in the bottom of the garbage cans. Please email or call/text 780-498-2672 with any concerns, emergencies or damages to the building.