Our Funding and Supporting Partners

Funding and support for the activities of Kirk Centre are provided through General operational grants, program and project based grants and capital grants. Supporting partners can provide connections, knowledge, resources, time and talent.

Below, please find the full list of our Funding Partners. To learn more, select 'view website' to visit one of our Funding Partner.

We are very grateful for the support and funding of all of our partners. We appreciate their interest in Kirk Centre and their support in our effort to bring a vibrant community hub to Northwest Edmonton.

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Embracing the Spirit is a new learning network and innovation fund. The goals of Embracing the Spirit are to:

  • spur innovation across the entire United Church of Canada network of faith communities

  • make piloting programs easy and accessible

  • ensure that successful initiatives continue to thrive and gain momentum

  • create a learning network that supports innovative faith communities through connection and fostering collaboration

  • support existing funding programs by encouraging faith communities to experiment and assisting in the early stage of idea development

  • support both new and renewing faith communities.



Community Innovation Hub

Community Innovation Hubs are communities of faith where changemakers gather and support each other in the important work of making a difference in society. It is where changemakers build out their ideas, connect with other like-minded individuals and form relationships of trust, accountability, learning and support.




Northern Spirit Regional Council

The Northern Spirit Regional Council is a collection of Communities of Faith serving in northeastern British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and northern Alberta, united in bringing God's hope, peace, joy and love to our part of God's creation




United Church Edge

"Reweaving the connectional fabric that makes us United".

Resources for new & renewing ministries, whatever your situation or context.





Alberta Community Support Network

The Alberta Community Support Network offers consultancy services to nonprofit organizations in the Metro Edmonton Area. Our volunteers have a solid understanding of the nonprofit and charitable sectors and can provide a broad range of professional services based on their availability.



Connie Clarke

Constance Fine art & Design

A huge thanks to Connie Clarke for volunteering her creative graphic design knowledge and skills to help update our logo and branding elements. Please click the link below to see what else Connie has to offer.


Christina Larson

Architectural Photographer

A big thank you to Christina Larson for volunteering her fabulous photography skills to help update our media selection. Please click the link below to see some fabulous examples of her work.