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Kirk Centre is located in the community of Dovercourt, in the City of Edmonton.  Along with the neighbouring communities of Sherbrooke, Athlone, Inglewood and Woodcroft, Dovercourt was established circa 1955.  It is an established and stable, mainly residential, area with a minor mix of small commercial enterprises.

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Photo Credit: Christina Larson©️2020 780.886.3743

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Our Philosophies



Kirk Centre is a vibrant, welcoming hub and integral partner in building community in Northwest Edmonton.



Kirk Centre provides an open, safe, diverse and inclusive and accessible facility, working collaboratively with other organizations to help meet the identified cultural, educational, spiritual and physical needs of the residents of Dovercourt and its neighboring communities.     

Funding and Supporting Partners

Funding and support for the activities of Kirk Centre are provided through General operational grants, program and project based grants and capital grants. Supporting partners can provide connections, knowledge, resources, time and talent.

Below, please find the full list of our Funding Partners. To learn more, select 'view website' to visit one of our Funding Partner.

We are very grateful for the support and funding of all of our partners. We appreciate their interest in Kirk Centre and their support in our effort to bring a vibrant community hub to Northwest Edmonton.

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Photo Credit: Christina Larson©️2020 780.886.3743

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